Dr. Yahia is an orthopedic specialist. He graduated in 2010 as a lecturer of veterinary surgery, anesthesiology, radiology from Cairo university, Egypt.

With a master’s degree of orthopedics , PHD in CT and MRI.
He started his practice in small animal field since graduation in military hospital and multiple private clinics in Egypt as well as Saudi Arabia.
He gave multiple courses in different Veterinary fields especially Neurosurgery, CT, MRI to Egyptian Police Academy.
He built up his experience in multiple specialties and become the surgeon he is.

  • Fracture repair surgery.
  • Neurosurgery (hemilaminectomies, laminectomies, and ventral slot)
  • Hip, Stifle and elbow replacement surgeries
  • Cruciate rapture repair
  • Most of soft tissue surgeries
  • Ophthalmology (Glaucoma Surgery, Cataract SYRGERY, AND RETINAL DETACHMENT surgery)