Our Services & Procedures

Compassionate and High Quality Care


Physical examination for the animal from head to toe including second opinion and result discussions.


Monitor and Identify the heart electricity for heart diseases..


Immunization against viruses, worms, and external parasites.

Spay & neuter

Sterilization routine surgeries to control the population as well as bad behavior and health issues related to it.

Orthopedic Surgery

All surgeries related to bones and spinal cords (fracture repair, patellar luxation, cruciate Rupture, etc.….)


Teeth cleaning with extraction and maintenance.


Live imaging for internal organs and pregnancy diagnosis.


Imaging the internal organs as well as the skeleton to help in diagnosis.

Lab Analysis

• Allergy testing • Blood testing • Genetic analysis • Inhouse- cytology

Home visits

Emergency Services

It is an after working hours services with a special fee and a previous agreement with the doctor.


Keep the sick animal under close monitoring, instuitive treatment as well as critical care unit.

Ringworm Isolation

For fungal infection, stress free isolation room with a special treatment.


Shaving, Showering, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning, De-shedding, Hair dying, Special haircuts, Nail caps, Special accessories.

Pet Supplies

Collars, Leads, Harnesses, Feeding bowl, Name tags and more of accessories.

Pet Food

We carry two of the most of premium Food Brands Hills and Royal Canine, maintenance range and Veterinary range.